Heat treatment of metal – process allowing for metals and alloys to take required for the further operation structure and properties, as well as greatly extending product life cycle.

In general, such procedure is carried out to increase hardness, strength, durability and ductility of the material, to decrease embrittlement, stress relieving and to achieve maximum uniformity and stabilization of geometrical sizes of products.

The heat treatment of alloys, is a set of operations that are carried out in a certain sequence:

  • heating
  • soak
  • cooling in aquae or by ambient air.

Depending on the type of heat treatment, these operations are carried out in different modes with different speed.

Sector of heat treatment of metals and alloys of Alpha Centre allows to produce major of such operations:

  • Steel hardens is carried out to increase hardness, strength, durability of the material. The feature of carrying out is in the operation of cooling. Depending on the type of processed steel – machine, instrument, plain carbon steel – it’s carried out in oil or by aqueous processing.
  • Temper is used to decrease embrittlement and to increase ductility of the material remaining constant level of strength. Is in demand in the manufacture of cutting tools, bearings, springs.
  • Steel annealing decrease hardness of the material for enhancement of processibillity and achievement of maximum uniformity. Feature is in slow carrying out of all heat treatment operations.
  • Normalization increases the hardness, strength and impact toughness of the metal. The procedure purportes heating up to a critical level, and cooling in the open air.
  • Сementing – surface impregnation of products with carbon at malleable heart.
  • Interrupted ageing is used to stabilize the geometrical dimensions of parts.
  • Heatingof forging billets and die forming.
Main features of materials processed by heat treatment sector of Alpha Centre:
  • width up to 600 mm
  • height up to 600 mm
  • length up to 1200 mm
  • processed materials: ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics.