Quality of details provided by the modern production technology and control system at every stage of the technological process.

Works are performed on high class equipment of such firms as DMG, Mikron, Sodick, Agie, Ingersoll, Hermle, that has the ability of high precision fast-speed machining with concurrent use of five-axis.

The technological process is constructed in such way as to ensure the required accuracy and get high-quality surface without using additional tools, such as bench working, buffing. At that productivity should remain at a high level.

Control is carried out with usual measuring tool (calipers, micrometers, depth gauge, gauges) as well as with measuring machine ZEISS ECLIPSE, which allows you to check the details for its compliance with drawings quickly and with high precision.

Finished products are delivered to the customer only after a rigorous technical inspection for compliance with the requirements of the drawing, pass through the stages of washing and packaging, as well as provided with a complete set of documents, including the passport of a product.