Laser cutting and bending of metal


Laser cutting – one of the most advanced technologies to work with rolled stock. It allows producing with maximum precision geometrically complex parts with minimal impact on the material and leaving a minimum of waste. Laser cutting is suitable for the treatment of most metals and alloys.

Laser cutting services are especially effective for cutting sheets up to 6 mm from easily distorted and soft materials.

Power of laser beam is regulated depending on the properties of cut metal, thickness and gabarit. As the result, after the cutting are obtained perfectly smooth free of scale surfaces, which do not require further treatment.

Compared with the plasma cutting, laser method provides closer slotted holes and precision borders. Due to the focus of the laser beam, only a narrow zone of the material is subjected to heating, which reduces the appearance of deformations during processing. Higher accuracy is achieved when cutting small parts of complex configuration.

Main features of materials processed by the laser cutting machine Trumpf TruLaser 3030 with 5 kW power:
  • complex allows cutting ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • largest gabarits of cut metal-sheets: 1250×3000 mm
  • rough steel and stainless steel alloy: sheet thickness up to 25 mm


Metal bending on CNC machines – modern technology of metal deformation processing, allowing to produce rugged and complex structures without using of additional equipment.

On high-technology rolling-and-bending unit with various tools it’s possible to produce metal profiles of any complexity for use in engineering, construction industry and other fields. Due to the absence of joint welds with small defects, even web metallic structures are much more reliable and rugged. Also an absence of necessity of processing of joints makes the bent structures cheaper in production.

Bending of sheet metal on CNC machines allows to bend detail with maximum precision and perfect reproducibility. Quick released tools makes possible to perform a sequence of several actions, producing profiles of different configurations.

If it’s necessary to bend parts with long radiuses, the surface will be like a combination of small size planes. It possible to produce parts with skew tables.

Main features of materials processed by the rolling-and-bending machine Trumpf TruBend 5230:
  • positional precision of the basic gauge up to 0.01 mm
  • metal thickness up to 50 mm
  • maximum length of bendable parts – 4020 mm
  • propulsion power – 230 tons.