Pressure plastic casting – one of the most popular ways of plastic products manufacturing. Suitable for lot and small lot manufacturing. It allows to use almost every polymers, colors and effects.

Essence of the method is in injecting molten plastic into the mold under pressure. For this purpose we use special equipment – injection molding machines of various types and sizes.

By this method can be produced from plastic almost any products. Begin with food and non- food containers and packaging. A lot of products for medical use. Different cases and parts.

Order to start working the client can provide finished mold or order the production of mold for casting in the Alpha Centre according to unit, rough drawing of the product. In any case, all of clients’ wishes will be taken into account and the products will be complied with all requirements.

Netstal 2000All stages of production – from designing molds to casting parts – take place in our factory. Our equipment is sutable to operate with different types of polymers. As the result we can perform the most complex and unique orders for molding plastic.

Multi-component molding has become are especially demanded in recent years in areas like packaging, medicine, engineering, etc. Our company is successfully implementing such projects for clients.


Main characteristics of the plastic products that can be manufactured at Alpha Centre:
  • weight up to 1500 g
  • materials: polystyrene, polypropylene, polycarbonate, polyamide.

Injection molding operation:

Examples of products:

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